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Fengshui originally termed as ‘Kan Yu’ literally means wind and water. It is the Chinese equivalent of ‘Vastu’. Vastu basically concentrates on the directional importance, plot and environment along with positioning of rooms, whereas Fengshui deals with relative positioning to door and gate. Fengshui is very effective for multi storied building and flats wherein Vastu principles cannot be implemented effectively.
\r\nBasically, Feng means wind and Shui means water. These two factors were given lot of importance as Chinese believed that a site is fortunate if it is sheltered by the strong winds and untamed water. Fengshui is based on the I Ching which is an encyclopaedia and code of conduct combined and is considered as a book of changes. The twin concepts of Yin and Yang, which represents the negative and positive forces and are present everywhere, governs the basic human existence and originated from term ‘Tao’ meaning route or path. Fengshui is all about living in harmony with nature as its main motive is to change the environment around us. It is based on the theory that to bring balance in a native life it is essential that balance should be brought in his home. When this balance comes then automatically environment is balanced. ‘Chi’ is a flow of beneficial energies by which all natural happenings take place like flow of rivers, vegetation growth etc. In every human there is also a flow of Chi. Balancing of both these outside and inside Chi is the main objective of Fengshui and preventing its major counterpart ‘Sha’ from operating.
Fengshui for home consists of various other factors like Fengshui of money, health, wealth etc. For this important steps are:
First of all clear the clutter.
Good quality of air and light are essential for good Fengshui energy i.e, Chi.
For attracting prosperity etc. it is essential to introduce the basic elements of fengshui which are earth, fire, metal, wood and water.
It is best to find out the Fengshui element first as its introduction in the house will nourish the house and support the energy.
After finding element it is essential to find out the Kua number and lucky directions for good energy development.
Fengshui for office is equally important as after home one spends the maximum hours in office. For this:
Check the presence of arrows which are formed by pointed objects like table corners etc. as these create ‘Sha Chi’ i.e, poisonous arrows.
There should be a strong back while working on a desk which can be created by a wall or a painting of mountains in the back drop. This gives sup port and prevents one from back stabbing by rivals.
One should avoid using mirrors in office as they tend to reflect the negative energies of peers and customers.
Usage of plants increases the flow of positive energies in the office as they absorb negative energy and release positive one.
In the pots where plants are placed it is advisable to put crystals and rocks as they symbolizes wealth in Fengshui and harness the concentration and promotes wealth.
Placing of safe in the North or the West part of office is considered good as it will increase the metal element which is good for promoting success and progress.
Sitting in a corner with something solid behind the back increases the commanding power of a person. Sitting position should not be near the door as it puts one in the path of negative energy.
It is best to put a aquarium in the East, South-East and North corner of the office. Fish like guppies, arrowana etc. are considered auspicious in Fengshui.
Fengshui for apartment is another area where it helps in finding a perfect dwelling. Fengshui of home is different in certain aspects from apartment because flow of Chi is from the door and it is not possible in case of apartment where main entrance can be on a different floor. So proper entrance of an apartment is a must which should be properly lit and should not be directly facing a lift or face the door of another unit.
As Chi is the basis of Fengshui, it should be kept in mind that a location of apartment should be such that there is no obstruction of it which can be done by the re positioning of the furniture and decor.Apartment should be located on a higher level because it ensures that there is more natural light.It is good to have an apartment near a water body like river, pond etc. as it is auspicious.
There should be a hill, mountain or even a high rise building on the back of an apartment as they gives support.
At Astroplus, Fengshui Reports are compiled based on the layout of your home / office / apartment. You will be told about the positioning of furniture and other equipments and if any lacuna is there below mentioned gadgets will be prescribed for perfect dwelling. . Please click on the following link Click here to view our website for more information on Fengshui products and services.
Report with layout corrections of home/flat/apartment – Rs. 2100 || US $ 50.
nReport with layout corrections of office – Rs. 5100 || US $ 125.
Report with layout corrections of shops – Rs. 5100 || US $ 125.

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